• Electromagnetic induction heating.
  • Does not generate sparks. Allows its use in unprotected areas (Zones 1 and 2). Cold outer shell. ATEX Certification to 170 ° C.
  • Maintains constant temperature inside the drum. Temp. Max. 123 ° C. Temperature regulation through supply voltage.
  • Suitable for viscous heating.
  • You can heat any metal container (carbon steel) up to 200l.
  • Ability to use with plastic drums (acts as resistance).
  • No cover or base: Mobility. You can adjust the heater or drum. Coupling hole.
  • Material: Resin. Weight: 48 kg.
  • 5 m cable length to connect to the stream. JP66 connection box.
  • Voltage 240V, 50Hz, single phase.
  • Power: 2,250 W.
  • Int D: 613mm, D ext: 743mm, Height: 711 mm.
Type A, Type B and induction base