Increase the product temperature to melt it, heat it up (modify its viscosity) or store the drum in the inside of DRUMOX to keep it at the desired temperature. Do all this in a safe, efficient and comfortable way. Its ultra strong construction means long life even in hard conditions use.


Apt for 25 to 200 litre drums and containers of 1000 litres (IBC).

The multiple configuration possibility allows adaptation to your requirements and number of drums.

Layout: 1 / 2 floor.

System employed is indirect heating by: Hot water / Steam / Heat Transfer Fluid / Electricity.

Temperature regulation up to 200ºC, product dependent.

ATEX norms (when applicable).

Optionally, the bottom rack can be replaced by rollers, guides, etc.

Units for special applications.

Optionally, it can be made in stainless steel.