NOXMAN is authorized to design, build and install all kinds of Heat Transfer Fluid installations. It has the CERTIFICATE OF PRESSURE EQUIPMENT INSTALLER AND REPAIR EIP-2 (suitable for all types of equipment), with number of EIP REGISTRATION EIP No. 080121364.

NOXMAN installations are carried out by their own team of professionals that are fully qualified and certified by the Welders Association with thorough experience in such installations.



The knowledge gained in over 500 installations allows us to work with efficiency, quality and safety and get the best result possible.

Knowledge of materials

Select materials to be used at each facility as the function to perform, taking into account technical innovation, quality of suppliers and the results previously obtained.


In order to guarantee maximum security and safety while installing, NOXMAN employs a System of Workers Risk Prevention and it is in process of certification of OSHA's Safety and Health at Work.

Dealing with customers

We have the maximum communication, interaction and commitment to our customers, offering our point of view so you can compare and get a fully satisfactory outcome.