These are specific fluids for transmitting heat in boilers in Heat Transfer Fluid installations.
The Heat Transfer Fluid “Flowtherm” are used and approved by hundreds of NOXMAN installations and other heater brands at diverse temperature ranges and all kinds of applications.


Operating Temperatures:From -90ºC to 350ºC liquid phase.
NOXMAN can supply a range of Flowtherm Heat Transfer Fluids that are specific for each and every type of application and operating temperature range.

Mono-fluid Flowtherm

This Heat Transfer fluid is specific for Condensers and Reactor heater/cooler in precise and controlled low temperature processes.
They offer the possibility to obtain cooling times that are precise, controlled and very fast.


We offer consultancy to our clients in order to determine the type of Heat Transfer Fluid that is best suited to the Flowtherm range of fluids, whose characteristics are necessary for the client’s installation.
We also offer consultancy on the optimum way to fill the installation, purging, cleaning and detection of possible anomalies, together with compatibility with other Heat Transfer Fluids.